Who is this man of mystery?
Nate graduated with a bachelor's degree in Digital Media Design from Baker College of Muskegon. He has worked as the in-house designer for the Grand Rapids Symphony, the second largest arts organization in Michigan. At the GRS, Nate created original designs for concert advertising, institutional branding, and more, producing content for both print and digital. Nate has also been employed as a basketball coach, a camp counselor, and while preparing for the design world he was contracted to use his unusual height to retrieve life essentials from high places for consumers in need, i.e. he worked as a sales associate at a grocery store. 
When Nate isn't designing or writing bios about himself in the third person, he enjoys reading, performing in plays and musicals, laughing with his family, going on adventures with his friends, and looking for the wonders in every day life.
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